30-Day Hassle-Free Returns

We hope you love and enjoy your purchase, but if you decide to return an item, you have 30 days from the delivery date to do so free of charge and receive a full refund or store credit. A free shipping label and return instructions will be provided upon request.

Initiating a Return

  • To start a return, please submit a request to hello@bunnybumm.com. Upon approval, a shipping label will be provided.
  • After we receive and inspect the returned item, we will process your refund as outlined in our detailed Refund Policy.
  • Unauthorized Returns: Returns such as opened, used, damaged items, or those missing original tags will be declined. Clearance or Secret Room items typically do not qualify unless otherwise approved.
  • If a return is declined and you wish to have the item reshipped, a fee of $4.99 will be charged. You have 30 days to arrange payment, after which unclaimed items will be discarded or donated.

Lost Items

Bunny Bumm is committed to ensuring the secure delivery of your orders. However, we cannot assume responsibility for items lost or stolen once confirmed delivered by our shipping partners. Claims for packages reported missing but confirmed delivered will be subject to investigation by our insurance company. If fraud is confirmed, legal actions may be taken.

Return Ineligibility

Return Policy for Multiple Items of the Same Product

To maintain our free returns, we restrict orders where multiple units of the same product, differing only in size or color, are purchased with the intent of trying them before final selection. Please use our size guide to help determine the best fit prior to ordering.

  • Applicability: This policy applies only when more than one unit of the same item in different sizes or colors is included in a return request. Standard free returns apply to other items in the order.
  • Return Fee: A processing fee of $4.99 will be charged for returns of multiple similar items.
  • Objective: This measure helps us offer a risk-free shopping experience without undue exploitation of our return services.

Additional Return Costs Policy

If you return an item that qualified for free shipping, the shipping fee initially waived will be deducted from your refund. This ensures the sustainability of our shipping policies.

  • Policy Rationale: This approach prevents abuse of our generous shipping terms while allowing us to continue providing substantial benefits.

Contact US

If you have any questions or need assistance, contact us at orders@bunnybumm.com or go to our Contact Us page.

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